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Alpha Tester Information & Application

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Alpha Tester Information & Application
We are currently at the stage to start considering a small group of players to help test our systems out and provide feedback. You must be active in the community already as I will need to know your activity. Sometimes sessions will be planned out, other times you will need to be around. We understand you have lives outside of the community but being active and communicating with me is a key point.

Few basic requirements:
  • Active in the community and Discord
  • Over 16 years old
  • Be able to provide detailed feedback on the systems, including what you expected before trying it out
  • Knowledge of the GTA Universe is an advantage
  • Have RageMP installed and configured
If you are interested and meet these requirements then...

August 2018 Update

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August Update
Hey Everyone, I know things have been a bit quiet over the last month and I apologise for this. I’ve had a holiday during the month and the last week or so I’ve been having some virus infection. Anyway, less about me and more about Post Apocalyptic Roleplay.

The server is still going under full development, over the past few days myself and Shoker have changed the way that the database is working. We are currently testing this to ensure it gives us the best experience for you and is the most stable. Shoker has nearly completed the inventory system with us going through testing. Myself and Woltrazz have been working on the faction system, we are allowing people to join multiple factions.

I’ve also been working on clientside development, creating menus and such when interacting with objects and locations...

Development Update - 29/7/2018

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Development Update
Hey everyone, thought I would throw up a quick update with our progress on development.

We now have a Quest system implemented that allows Administrators to create and edit quests in game. Quests will be a point to point system and completing objectives along the way. You can be rewarded at the end of completion.

The Inventory System that Shoker is working on is nearing completion. I am teaching myself a lot of clientside to allow us to have some cool menus in game.

I’ve started working on the Faction system with Woltrazz and more details of this will come out soon when Diezel finalises his plans.

The Zone System is done for now. We are allowing zones to be changed in game. Zones are either a Safe Zone, Infected Zone or Neutral. They can also have the option to put Electricity back on in Zones when Quests are completed.

We got a basic vehicle system...

Welcome to Post Apocalyptic Roleplay!

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Hello and Welcome!
Hello everyone and a huge thank you for visiting this post. I'm happy to announce that we are launching a fantastic idea that's been brought to me by a few people and I am really pleased to announce that we (Myself and Shoker) are working on a Post Apocalyptic script. We hope to have many great features on launch and we can't wait to share these with you as we progress. As for now, we ask that you join up on our forums and suggest things you may like and join our Discord.

We are going to be working on a post-virus scenario that way we can be more open with the environment and less editing of the GTA map shall be required. We have a team of mappers working on the map and hoping to share more screenshots in the future with you. Right now, check out this screenshot of the prison;...

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