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  1. Moretti

    December Update

    Hello Everyone. First off I apologize for the lack of communication throughout the last few months but everything has been mega hectic. Now we're in the lead up to Christmas. The last few weeks have been crazy hectic work and family wise. The last two weeks have had a nasty flu which has...
  2. Moretti

    August 2018 Update

    August Update Hey Everyone, I know things have been a bit quiet over the last month and I apologise for this. I’ve had a holiday during the month and the last week or so I’ve been having some virus infection. Anyway, less about me and more about Post Apocalyptic Roleplay. The server is still...
  3. Moretti

    What can we expect regarding rules?

    As I am sure you know it’s something we need to get right. We need to allow killings, however we don’t want it to be a DM fest. We maybe having time rules on killing people. It’s something we’ll be looking into in the near future. We will be allowing CKs, both parties will agree (If a faction...
  4. Moretti

    It’s Moretti

    Since @Diezel done one of these thought it best for everyone to know more about me. My real name is Andrew, I’m 25 from the UK. I work with my dads business, doing all kinds of different stuff. The two main things we do are Refrigeration and Air Condition break downs and BMS control panels. We...
  5. Moretti

    Development Update - 29/7/2018

    Development Update Hey everyone, thought I would throw up a quick update with our progress on development. We now have a Quest system implemented that allows Administrators to create and edit quests in game. Quests will be a point to point system and completing objectives along the way. You...
  6. Moretti

    Current Preview Images

  7. Moretti

    Developer Recruitment

    Developer Recruitment Hey Everyone, Just a quick announcement that we are looking for another developer to join our team. We are looking to help grow the script as much as possible from the start. We’ve decided to hire another developer with the same mindset as our current team. Requirements...
  8. Moretti

    How did you find us & What are you looking forward to?

    I’m interested in knowing how you came across our site and what you’re looking forward too.
  9. Moretti


    The server is currently only open to test. We are still in development.
  10. Moretti

    Voice RP / Text RP

    I prefer text to be honest, I feel it's more immersive. I think we'll start with text and see how it goes.
  11. Moretti

    Planned Features

    Planned Features I thought it’s about time that I share our features and plans with you guys. Feel free to post in the suggestions if you want something adding or changing. We want your opinions. Account System Our Account System is going to use your forum login details. This means that we...
  12. Moretti

    Heya there

    Welcome :)
  13. Moretti

    Donation Link

    I’ll throw this on the post I put up. Thanks Jitke
  14. Moretti

    Founding Donations

    Founding Donations I would like to announce that we are going to be accepting donations to help us grow. I have had a few people contact me and I asked them to hang fire till I can formally say that we are willing to accept donations. Donations are going to be held on a PayPal Account that’s...
  15. Moretti


    Oh no. Welcome :)
  16. Moretti

    Eyoo! It's Woltrazz

    Hey hey!
  17. Moretti

    Hey all!

    Welcome :)
  18. Moretti


  19. Moretti

    Getting to know everyone

    Since I haven’t done it already, I’ll create a introduction sub forum.
  20. Moretti

    Welcome to Post Apocalyptic Roleplay!

    Hello and Welcome! Hello everyone and a huge thank you for visiting this post. I'm happy to announce that we are launching a fantastic idea that's been brought to me by a few people and I am really pleased to announce that we (Myself and Shoker) are working on a Post Apocalyptic script. We hope...