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BOO! Did I scare you with this Update?

Happy October everyone! We have been a little quiet lately so let me break down some information on how things are coming along, and a few plans coming up. We have been busy mapping and getting systems together for survival play with role play. We want to make sure things are balanced and fun, however we need them in the game first :D. Moretti has recently finished up working on a thirst/hunger system, and I hear there might be some good news on the inventory one being near completion as well. While Moretti is working on our bare bones, I have been working on lore, interiors, exteriors, and regulations. I would like to announce a few basic goals that we should expect in game. Oh and yes we might need some testers in the near future, just in case that's what you came here looking for!

Players will have the opportunity to form factions with ease in our community. We will try not to restrict role play options from the player to create the best possible role play scenario. However we will need to be as realistic as possible as well. No one will be super heroes from radiation or mutation with the bio-hazard. For instance normally things like cannibalism are restricted from a server, but I would like to find balance with that and post apocalypse living. However some players may not consent to seeing the role play, and you are going to need to respect their wishes. But some players just might be in possession of corpses and looking to use them for food. Everything must be done well however, because there are physical repercussion to eating human meat. I am hoping players take time to really craft their appearances and backgrounds. I will be putting together a team to help players create their groups, but we are going to try to really make sure no one goes too over the top. PARP will hold no restriction to how you dress and walk around, but remember there will be options to our stores. If we put it in game, I am going to expect it to be usable. At first some stuff might have to be ironed out, but we are making sure we give quality to the player.

Market Places
Let's get into our stores more as well, because how can I even use money if their isn't any? Simple, we are going to have a market and trading post system in place. However the safe zones we create will not be interacting with one another. This means that you cannot use earned credit from Trading Post A, and then take it to Trading Post B. They are both communities and their credits do not help anything but the players in possession of them.

-The Orphanage (Prison) Market Place.
Soon we will have photos of a Market in the prison gated area. Items that you find scavenging will be what you can trade in trading posts. Items you may find are clothing, tools, weapon parts, weapon attachments, food, water bottles, and more. You will take your found items to the trading post, and in this specific market, get paid with poker chips. Now there might be a chance you can find poker chips in the wild too, and yes that will be credit at The Orphanage Market. Also we are planning on the items traded into the market place, also supply the market place. Stores are then supplied off items found in the wild. We will have a general stock eye on the stores, however are hoping players will add more to it over time. But what can you buy?
Clothes - Get dressed for the apocalypse in town!
Masks - They will sell masks and mask accessories.
Tools - You need hammers? They got em.
Weapons - Defense options haven't been fully figured out, but expect armories.
General Cosmetic - Ladies I know some of you need to be pretty always.
Food - Canned foods should help markets, but we are planning farming for in and out of the Safe Zone.
Water - Need clean water? Most safe zones should have it.
Things still can be added and changed, but these are the main focuses currently on the markets.

Along with the Market being mapped into the server, I have been working on a larger basic prison interior. Hopefully people will be able to have cells in The Orphanage. I would like people to feel they always have a storage for stuff, even if the character doesn't want to stay. Housing isn't fully developed yet so I don't want to lead anyone on! The idea is that the safe zones that we supply are also there to help anyone. Safe Zone's will not be player controlled at all. Which reminds me about......

Player Controlled Towns
This is probably going to be the biggest want for being a strong faction. This is where the big boys put on their pants and do their thing. Factions and players alike will be able to band together and control towns. Sandy Shores is going to be the first town we are really seeing on launch. Sandy Shores is also going to have no government in place, due to being abandoned for so long. Let's say that the Dragon Fire MC has found themselves really liking the town and they want to be in charge. They are going to have to fight who ever is claiming the town. However don't be fooled by the idea of NEEDING a faction to run a town. That is why we are currently calling it PLAYER controlled towns. Players will have the option as well to band together and try to run a town. Shops need to be cleaned and reopened, people need houses built, generators and wind mills, etc. If you and friends want to try to reestablish a government for the town, then that is what you can work for. The peace will need to be kept as best as possible, however if Dragon Fire MC takes over and wants to tax their citizens, then it might not be so nice living there much longer. You will be in control of this, and it will be watched by admins to make sure things are kept in balance.

We are going to have all these systems in place, and we are going to need a handful of players to help make sure everything is working. We also would like to get some of you in game to start out some role play. We have a quest system that we are trying to tinker with and everything needs to work out. We might have some basic interiors in place to get starting but we are working on customization through the time. I will post another update closer to Halloween about some of the things I've mentioned, and will post on discord some photos as they are developed as always.