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Development Update - 29/7/2018

Development Update
Hey everyone, thought I would throw up a quick update with our progress on development.

We now have a Quest system implemented that allows Administrators to create and edit quests in game. Quests will be a point to point system and completing objectives along the way. You can be rewarded at the end of completion.

The Inventory System that Shoker is working on is nearing completion. I am teaching myself a lot of clientside to allow us to have some cool menus in game.

I’ve started working on the Faction system with Woltrazz and more details of this will come out soon when Diezel finalises his plans.

The Zone System is done for now. We are allowing zones to be changed in game. Zones are either a Safe Zone, Infected Zone or Neutral. They can also have the option to put Electricity back on in Zones when Quests are completed.

We got a basic vehicle system and this will be expanded on once our Inventory System is completed. We are allowing vehicles to be locked, requiring a lock. This will make the vehicle yours. Vehicles will be hard to come by at the beginning and will require items to make them work.

With the clientside menus, we can also click on Vehicles to Enter, Exit, Lock or Unlock, Open Trunks and View the Trunk.

The mapping is now done via a DLC script which is handled by the server. All you do is connect and the items will be on your GTA, meaning less latency and issues when going around the map.

We are working hard on bringing this to you as quick as we can. We are planning on making an area in the prison for players to start roleplaying and experiencing the server. Once ready, a quest will allow you to get out the prison and experience our open world.