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Planned Features

Planned Features
I thought it’s about time that I share our features and plans with you guys. Feel free to post in the suggestions if you want something adding or changing. We want your opinions.

  • Account System
    • Our Account System is going to use your forum login details. This means that we have one password for the game and forums. Your username will also be the same including if it updates when your ingame.
    • With this, we can grant things based on groups from the forums. For example, a member in the Management usergroup will gain level 5 administration in-game.
  • Character System
    • We are going to be adding in character customisation from the start
  • Inventory System
    • Our inventory system is going to be one of the main features. We are going to allow dropping of items. With the type of server, items are going to be the core element in survival and currency.
  • Quest System
    • Instead of jobs we are going to have a quest system, this will allow quests to be created in-game. Quests can be one time or be done multiple times. Payment can either be a currency or item.
  • Vehicle System
    • Vehicles will be in the game, however will require up keep to work. Vehicles can be owned by anyone and a lock system will decide the owner. Locks will need to be found.
  • Mapping
    • The focus areas of the map will have additional mapping, including burnt out vehicles and other awesome features.
  • Factions / Groups
    • We are not having any official government factions yet. We are allowing players to create factions and take over towns and areas. We are wanting to give you as much control as you want.
  • Health System
    • We are looking to have a full health system with hunger and thirst. We understand people don’t want to be eating and drinking constantly so we will need to find a good balance between not eating and having to constantly eat. If you get hungry, your health will degenerate.
    • We are also going to add different types of medical items to the game, from simple bandages to full med kits. We are also thinking about the idea of allowing clothes to be cut up if you have a pair of scissors.
  • Discord Intergration
    • We are going to look at ensuring admins will always be available. This will also include the possibility of an admin talking to you in game from Discord and issuing refunds for example.

We are looking at giving you guys a back story of events that has lead up to the point of the server opening. This will allow you to start any character stories before the launch.